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2015 Northeast Youth Duals

Isaiah Bird (barn Brothers)

vs Zoey Jewt (432 YUP)

Chris Colon (Barn Brothers) over

Ashton Haley (432 YUP) Fall 4:36

Shane Meenaghan (Barn Brothers) over

Kolton Kelleys (432 YUP) Maj 8-0

Max Gallagher (Barn Brothers) over

Trey Kimball (432 YUP) Dec 4-2

Jared Weinhaus (Barn Brothers) over

Gabriel Goss (432 YUP) Dec 4-1

Chase Liardi (Barn Brothers) over 

Paul Kelly (432 YUP) Maj 11-0

Jordan Titus (Barn Brothers) over 

Nick Palso (432 YUP) Maj 9-0

Luke Smith (Barn Brothers) over 

Jordan Suarez (432 YUP) Fall 2:55

Zachary Redding (Barn Brothers) over Gregory Hotaling (432 YUP) 12-0

Preston Maucere (Barn Brothers) over Michael Altomer (432 YUP) 12-0

Ty Lukens (Barn Brothers) vs. 

Cameron McClure (432 YUP)

Joe O`Brien (Barn Brothers) vs

Zabion Powell (432 YUP)

Jared Weinhaus (Barn Brothers) over Micah Crenshaw (Bison Legend) Dec 4-1

Jordan Titus (Barn Brothers) over 

Troy Bingaman (Bison Legend) Dec 4-1

Part 1

Part 2

Luke Smith (Barn Brothers) over Jake Sunderland (Bison Legend) TF 15-0

Preston Maucere (Barn Brothers) over

Clayton Royer (Bison Legend) Fall 0:48

Joe O`Brien (Barn Brothers) over

DJ Erickson (Bison Legend) Fall 3:34

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